Single Mylar Sunflower


Sunflowers never fail to inspire!  Just look at all those glorious sunflowers that Van Gogh painted!  Kahlil Gibran once advised us all to be like a sunflower and keep our faces turned to the sun, which Helen Keller added will keep the shadows at bay.

Sunflowers are said to be the most joyous of flowers, exuding so many exuberant and brilliant qualities.  Firmly rooted, standing proudly straight and tall, plain, honest and upright.  They quietly open each day to brighten everything around them, backs to the morning darkness, full of optimism and undeterred by clouds, radiating smiles and happiness as they track of the sun across the sky like a satellite dish no matter how weak the light.

Sunflowers are a shining example of what nature can do.  They're also a great way showcase what you can do so easily too, and with that extra sparkle of Mylar added to help them sing!  So go ahead, try these lovely sunflower embroidery designs so your next project will be outstanding in its field too!


Mylar Film

Click on “Design Info Sheet” link to see detailed design information and machine file availability. 

Tested on 3-4 oz leather.

Please be careful that the design you are purchasing will fit in your intended hoop.  This is a digital product and requires an embroidery machine to stitch it out.

This is a Digital Download there are NO returns, refunds or exchanges once  your purchase is completed.