Custom Digitizing & Embroidery






Your Journey

As a Magpie client, you see yourself as unique and deserving of a garment that captures your true essence. 

You also value Canadian-made with extraordinary quality and expert advice.

There are two paths to realizing your dream of a Magpie embroidered garment.  Margaret will not only guide you to the right design decision from her collection (whether singly or in combination with other collection designs), she can also create a distinctive custom design based on your individual vision and personality.  Either way, all designs are further customizable through an extensive range of thread colour selection, names, dates or special thoughts, and fonts.


  1. Plan to start the process of creating your own embroidered jacket as early as possible, ideally, 8-12 weeks before your special event (or required) date, to ensure ample time for design consultation, digitizing revisions, production and shipping. Feel free to contact us with any of your design ideas, photos or questions.
  1. There are two phases to the creation of your custom-embroidered garment. The first entails client consultation & design creation (which includes any new artwork requested & digitizing of newly created embroidery designs or further customization of a Magpie Design), and then the actual embroidery stitch-out on your garment (referred to as “production”).  We can consult easily with a Zoom call to share ideas and information.
  1. Personalized names, dates or special thoughts can be incorporated into many designs for an additional fee. You are responsible for correct spelling of names, dates or words.
  1. A full colour digital proof will be sent to you for final approval before design testing and final production begins on your garment/jacket for your signature.
  1. All embroidery designs are always thoroughly pre-tested and adjusted before final embroidery is applied to your garment as part of the production process. Photographs will be provided to you as part of the design process.
  1. A surcharge of $200.00 CDN. will be applied for orders placed less than 8 weeks before your 'required by' date.
  1. A payment plan is available through the Sezzle App when you are ready to check-out the shopping cart.
  1. You are responsible for shipping your garment to our studio. Make sure your jacket fits comfortably (not too tight).  This is to ensure that the jacket being embroidered is indeed correctly sized to suit the client's needs.  We are not responsible for poorly fitting jackets. 
  1.  You will ship your jacket to our studio here in Peterborough, ON.  We are not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged due to shipping.
  1. Jackets must be in new-like condition; no scuffs, holes, or tears. Denim jackets must not have any “distressed areas” which won’t support the embroidery stitches.  Denim jackets must be 100% cotton. Lycra in the denim fabric makes it stretchy and very hard to embroider without the fabric around the embroidery puckering.  Center seams on denim jackets should be avoided since they not only distract from the aesthetic impact of the embroidery itself but can also affect the registration of stitches and visually emphasize the center seam.  A denim jacket- back with a large center area with two side seams is the perfect surface to create a trouble- free design and will look amazing when completed.  See the two image samples for clarification.  If you have questions about the composition of your jacket, please email us at contact us.  We're always happy to help.





  1. With denim jackets, be aware that the jacket will be machine washed and dried by us before production, spray starched to provide a suitable embroidery surface, and then machine washed & hung-to-dry post-production to remove starch and any alignment markings. We then carefully press the denim jacket before packaging and shipping back to you.
  1. For jackets with fixed linings (such as leather or faux leather), the lining will be manually unstitched at the bottom so that the embroidery will only be stitched through the outer/surface layer, and hand-stitched back into place following production. Additional fees will apply if such adjustments are required.  The back side of the embroidery will show on the inside of an unlined jacket (such as a denim jacket).
  1. We reserve the right to cease production if, after receiving and inspecting your jacket, it is deemed unusable for the proposed embroidery application. If you cancel your order at this point, the cost of return shipping the original garment back to you will be at your expense.  Production will otherwise only resume once your replacement jacket is received by us.  (The originally shipped item will then be returned with your final order.)  It is always helpful for you to send us pictures of your garment (before sending it to us) to assist in identifying any potential problems.
  1. Production will only commence once the design proof has been emailed to you for your final approval and signature. Magpie Embroidery Designs is not responsible for any further design, spelling or other typographic errors remaining beyond the point of client acceptance.  Similarly, no further design changes can be accepted once production has commenced.
  1. Due to the customized nature of this product, returns & exchanges are not accepted. Please contact us if you have problems with your order.




Magpie Embroidery Designs is very pleased to offer our valued clients wishing to do their own embroidery both bespoke digitizing of embroidery designs with artwork provided by you, or an embroidery design selected from our library of designs already digitized by us, and customized to your taste.  We welcome your email inquiries through contact us and we'll respond within one (1) business day.  The following information hopefully answers some initial questions you may have to start seeing your creative ideas visualized into beautiful and unique embroidery.  If your questions aren't answered here, please don't hesitate to ask us!


Custom File Digitizing

  1. Please e-mail us directly at (not through 'Contact Us') so that you can attach your proposed artwork (this cannot be done through the website at this time).
  2. For quotation purposes and optimum stitch-out results, your artwork should be of the highest quality possible, ideally at a minimum 300 dpi resolution. The better the artwork, the better the digitizing will be.  We work in both CorelDRAW® and Illustrator®, and can usually work with high quality files in the following formats:  .jpg .psd .ai .tif .png .  We then digitize your design using state-of-the-art Wilcom® Embroidery Studio Designing e4.5 software.    Test stitch-outs of each design are carefully assessed for accuracy before stitching out on your final garment.
  3. To facilitate our prompt response including cost quotation, to ensure the highest quality results possible, and to best expedite your order, your inquiry should include:
  • The fabric type/application the embroidery file will be stitched on (e.g. t-shirts, denim, gauge of leather, etc.);
  • Finished size of the embroidery design;
  • Embroidery machine being used and file format required;
  • Your timeline for completion of your project;
  • Your proposed colour scheme and, if fixed (i.e. logos, etc.), the necessary colours (as RGB, CMYK, or hexadecimal), plus any fonts required or preferred; and
  • Any comments or special instructions regarding your design if your artwork is not self-explanatory (e.g. additions, deletions, areas to be filled in or outlined only, etc.).
  1. Extra charges will apply to correcting poor quality artwork files submitted or any additional artwork being requested.
  2. We cannot and will not digitize any copyrighted images or logos unless express and sufficient written permission from the copyright holder is provided for Magpie Embroidery Designs to do so. You will need to obtain and forward such permission directly to us.  Franchisees, dealers, distributors, sports groups, etc. in particular should carefully examine their business contracts/agreements with the parent company or entity to demonstrate what permissions are granted for their use of such copyrighted materials in the manner being requested for advertising, promotional or other purposes.  If the client is otherwise purchasing artwork from a stock website, a suitable license for use of such artwork is also required.

Magpie Embroidery Designs will be happy to discuss any potential copyright issues with you before confirming and commencing any custom order.

  1. At Magpie Embroidery Designs we're committed to providing you with problem-free digitized embroidery files that run smoothly on your machine to produce highest quality results. We do not charge solely by stitch count and will never pack in additional unnecessary stitches to drive up the cost to you.  Accordingly, due to the widely varied complexity of artwork, applications to which the embroidery will be applied and multiple digitizing techniques that might be employed, we're unable to offer any flat-rate pricing for custom ordered digital embroidery files.  Your design will evaluated and cost-estimated based on its level of complexity and difficulty.
  2. Magpie Embroidery Designs' cost estimate for digitizing the project to your specifications will be sent for your approval before any digitizing commences. Payment in full must also be received before digitizing begins.  Once completed, proofs will be provided for your final approval before any test stitch out.  Two design file adjustments are included in the price of custom digitizing, after which additional adjustments to the file will be at an additional cost.
  1. Magpie Embroidery Designs will always do a test stitch out of your design in-studio before the design file is released to you via e-mail in the machine file format & hoop size requested.

Exclusivity of Custom Digitizing

  1. Save and except any artwork specifically created by us, Magpie Embroidery Designs does not and will not purport to own the copyright on any artwork provided by the customer for use in custom digitized embroidery files. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining all necessary copyright permissions for use of such artwork.  Magpie Embroidery Designs will, however, retain full copyright ownership of all final custom-ordered digitized embroidery files as set out fully in Copyright & License.
  1. Your custom digitized and formatted embroidery files will not be sold or otherwise provided by Magpie Embroidery Designs through our website, to any third party websites or directly to any third party for any purpose except as may be required by applicable law and/or a court of competent jurisdiction within Canada. The person(s) or entity for whom we create any custom embroidery design file will be bound by all Magpie Embroidery Designs' Copyright & License provisions.  Said parties will not copy the file to any third party, change, alter or delete any portions of the file in any manner whatsoever, provide the file to another digitizer to undertake such file modifications, or otherwise represent the file in any form as being of their own creation.


Custom Embroidery

  1. Magpie Embroidery Designs can also deliver final stitched-out products utilizing the above custom digitized files or any digital file offered in our library, and can also help you source many such items for embroidering. Prices quoted will of course vary depending on the size and complexity of your order, but will include cost for the embroidery itself and the garment/product costs (which must include one extra unit for test stitch-out). 
  2. Payment in full is required for custom embroidery orders before orders to our product suppliers can be placed or embroidery commenced. A surcharge will be applied to all 'RUSH' orders on a case-by-case basis subject to your prior confirmation of acceptance.
  3. Because all embroidery on garments or home decoration items is custom ordered there are no refunds, returns or exchanges on such finished embroidery or physical goods except in the case of error(s) directly attributable to Magpie Embroidery Designs. If the order is cancelled by you before physical goods such as caps, linens, garments, etc. have been ordered from our suppliers, then only the amount attributable to such goods will be refunded.  If an order is cancelled by you part way through the process otherwise, then all monies paid are forfeited.  
  4. Magpie Embroidery Designs is always here to assist you with your custom embroidered projects. To further explore options to also have your custom digitized designs or any of those in our library actually embroidered on finished items, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.